Hobbit, Mew, Roll and Tiger Cat are some of the Cats at Cards
Who are the Cats?
The Cats at Cards are a group of card playing four legged furry animals who enjoy a variety of card games and want you to play too.  Look for us throughout the site and a few of our friends too.
Hobbit is the ring-leader of the cats and possesses the brains of the bunch.  For her outstanding skill with her paws that she uses frequently to assert her authority, she is also known as Ma-Hobbit-Ali.  Hobbit is a south paw.

Notable Quote: Fly like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.
Cute from ears to paws, Mew raises the bar for being cute among the card playing cats.  Enjoys eating anything edible and some things that aren't.  Also known as Adorable Monster.

Notable Quotes
Cute with a Capital "Q".
                                    I'm Cute!
An amiable and easy-going kitten.  She also contains a large amount of cuteness in a small package.  Enjoys attention and chasing bugs although she rarely catches them.

Notable Quote: I'm Cuter!
Tiger Cat
A cat with a royal disposition.  Enjoys pillows, cheese and window-sills.  Expects others to accept his royal superiority in all matters.  Also known as The Prince.

Notable Quote:  I am a Prince among cats.
And lastly, even though not a cat:
A cute and sweet pooch who knows her rightful place in the Cats pecking order.  Often thinking she's a cat, Lucy also believes she's a princess.  She enjoys swimming, barking, sleeping, fetching and being a Doggy golf caddy.  Known for her favorite trick, balancing objects on her muzzle.

Notable Quotes: I am a pink-nosed Princess.
                          I may not be a cat, but I have one on my back.
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